The heritage of Brother Marie-Victorin

The park wishes to reflect the ideology of Brother Marie-Victorin. It’s a showcase of his work and legacy. The Brother Marie-Victorin is born on April 3rd 1885, at Kingsey Falls under the name Conrad Kirouac. At 16 years old, he has already chosen his path. He joins the novitiate of Brothers of the Christian Schools and takes the name Marie-Victorin. On december 27th 1903, a first hemorrhage occurs. Rest and the outdoors are then recommended to him in order to diminish the symptoms of the tuberculosis. Nature becomes a must for his health and consequently becomes his greatest ally... 

A pivotal meeting will occur with the teacher Brother Rolland-Germain in 1905 as he will become one of the greatest contributors to Brother Marie-Victorin’s work. Marie-Victorin embarks in a brilliant career as an educator and will then become a botanist. Among his notable work, he has founded the “Jardin botanique de Montréal” in 1931 and he is the author of the “Flore Laurentienne” which remains a reference in the domain. After many travels and leaving behind multiple influential works and important achievements as part of his legacy, Brother Marie-Victorin passes away in 1944 due to a heart attack after being involved in a car accident. He was an important figure in the founding of the French-Canadian scientific community.  

Like Brother Marie-Victorin, the Parc wishes to go beyond the simple transmission of knowledge by triggering the imagination, emotions, positives attitudes and intellectual maturity. In order to make it our moto, the park has reprised this sentence of Brother Marie-Victorin who says: “We have to know the name of the plants and to be able to call them by their name”. In order to learn more about this passionate man of nature, visit the educational laboratory in the main pavilion. While visiting the "Giant’s path", our 6th themed garden, you will have the opportunity to find some of the meaningful dates of this remarkable scientist and to visit ecosystems that were dear to his heart. Furthermore, the general store offers a step back into time by placing the visitors at the time of Brother Marie-Victorin... To learn more about his legacy, you can refer to his Wikipedia page or by reading this interesting article by the University of Montreal.

The “Flore laurentienne”

This main work of the Brother Marie-Victorin regroups a floristic inventory of the Saint-Lawrence valley in Quebec. Edited by the Brothers of Christian Schools in 1935, this guide includes the description of 1 568 plants, 917 pages, 22 maps and 2 800 drawings from the Brother Alexandre Blouin. Tinted with Brother Marie-Victorin’s poetry, this work is still the reference in the domain. 

“This book, Flore laurentienne, isn’t the complete flora of Quebec due to its actual political limits. It is even less the definitive flora of our vast province. The complete and definitive flora of the province of Quebec is a work in progress that will only be achieved when the present generation will have explored the whole territory, will have put together an inventory along with multiple descriptive questions.“ – Marie-Victorin, foreword of the first edition, April 3rd 1935. 

Don’t forget to listen to the chronicle presented by CBC for the 80th anniversary of the “Flore Laurentienne”. 

Inauguration in 1985

The Parc Marie-Victorin inaugurated its first garden in 1985. Due to an initiative on the part of the Lions Clubs, the idea to underline the legacy of this remarkable scientist, native of Kingsey Falls, emerges with the assistance of two horticulturists: Normand Hinse and Normand Francoeur. A comity is then formed and the work can begin... The company Cascades donates a piece of land near the edges of the Nicolet River, near the beautiful cascades. Tress, plants and floral arrangements find their footing is this space of three acres. A belvedere has been built on the foundations of an old mill. And it was only the beginning of the adventure! Time passed and two major enlargements occurred. The site grew from 3 to 29 acres. 

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