Bird Garden

This garden was designed to be a birds’ heaven. Fruit trees, flowers prized by hummingbirds and butterflies, nesting areas, grasses or thistles whose leaves make great pools! You can watch 157 bird species throughout out the year, since the garden lies on the Nicolet River migration corridor. In fact, our feathered guests can take advantage of the white admiral butterfly mosaic, for it represents an excellent food source for them.

Cascades Garden

This theme garden is where it all started for Parc Marie-Victorin. When the park first opened in 1985, the garden was the whole site! Implemented next to the river, with breathtaking views on exquisite waterfalls, it features wilder shadowy landscapes. A belvedere and beautiful trees donated by the Montreal Botanical Garden adorn this garden with unique intimacy. Did you know that the belvedere was built on the foundations of an old mill?

plante tropical

Wetland Garden

All around this pond—a genuine natural buffer—is where wildlife and plants meet. Shoreline plants, collection of lilies, primroses, papyrus, and big willow trees surround this unique environment. Wetlands are the home of many insects. That is why you will see here giant sculptures of insects made of recycled metal. It is also the habitat of the snapping turtle, which is often seen laying its eggs in the flower beds!

Giant’s Path

This is the newest addition to the garden, designed according to a giant leaflet. Here you will find a popular attraction, the mosaicultures. These sizeable, three-dimensional structures relate the many exploratory journeys made by the Frère Marie-Victorin. The representation of Marie-Victorin stands 6 metres tall and uses more than 13 400 plants meticulously planted every year. In the centre of the garden, the Fontaine of Time illustrates the major events in the life of Conrad Kirouac, better known as Brother Marie-Victorin.

Sentier des curiosités

Path of Curiosities

As you stroll along, you will come across new and rare cultivars, as well as unknown or underutilized species for our zone 4 climate. Among others, a fine collection of unusual conifers that vary in colour and form, a collection of miniaturized trees, and an impressive colourful rectilinear pond enjoyed by photographers. One will also discover various species of peonies, insect-eating and acid-loving plants, and even plants native from Japan, China and South Africa!

Healthy Garden

Our health garden is a delight for all senses! Its design is a tribute to biodiversity and companion planting. You will find an assortment of heirloom vegetables, aromatic and medicinal plants. Did you ever hear about strawberry spinach? Here you will discover varieties of tomatoes, herbs and other hidden treasures. Maybe you will meet Marie-Capucine. She will gladly invite you to taste edible flowers, vegetables and fresh herbal teas. Enjoy the wonders of our garden!



A mosaiculture is a form of art which consists of creating patterns, words, images or characters using plants varying in colours and shapes. This ornamental method is commonly used for two dimensional pieces. There are many on display in public gardens and multiples municipalities. Three dimensional mosaicultures are more complex since it requires knowledge concerning sculptures and horticulture. For this reason, these structures are vegetal art pieces!