Being green is part of the Parc’s DNA! Since 1985, all of our actions are oriented toward sustainability. It’s our mission!

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Renewable energy sources

Wind, sun and earth are renewable energies used daily at the Parc

Wind power

The wind turbine in front of the reception is the first visible sign to visitors. It lights up the pavilion where the reception, the bistro and the administrative offices are located. It was given to us by Boralex, a leader in renewable energy.

Geothermal energy

The entire pavilion is heated and air conditioned by geothermal system. It uses clean and renewable energy from the ground basement.

Solar panels

We have solar panels that allow us to heat the water in the visitor’s bathroom

Other innovative strategies

Right next to the bistro’s terrace, the green wall serves as much for horticultural demonstration as for thermal isolation in the laboratory.

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Ecoresponsible practices

Our Parc is the very first ecological botanical garden in Quebec!

We employ several eco-responsible practices daily. Among these, we find the reuse of resources, respect for the environment, composting, et protection of fauna and flora.

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers

No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used in our gardens. We favor natural and ecological products made of vinegar or lemon. Companionship is also used in our vegetable garden.

Recuperation of rainwater

A system on the roof of the pavilion allows of rainwater. The water accumulated is afterwards used to water certain zones in the Parc.

Purchasing environmentally friendly products

Many products from our bistro come directly from the vegetable garden. They are organic and local. We favor products delivered in reusable or recyclable containers. The chef adds his touch in each plate with a seasonal flower! 

Composting and grasscycling

Our organic waste becomes valuable compost. Once the transformation process is complete, the material is used in the garden. The tree branches are also shredded to be transformed into much-needed mulch.

Integrated pest management.

Inside our greenhouses, integrated pest management protects our crops. This natural method consists in using insects to control diseases and limit losses.

Steam upgrading

The Parc favors circular economy. The Parc’s production greenhouses are heated by hot vapors from the nearby Cascades factory. This steam reduces the amount of electricity used.

Protection of wetlands

Our swamp purifies the water by filtering it and storing excess nutrients. Refitted in 1989, this precious ecosystem shelters snapping turtles, otters, tree frogs and other mammals.

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Démarche D2

For 6 years now, the Parc benefits from the D2 attestation concerning sustainability. Our action plan and our business practices are recognised and followed by experimented counselors!

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Efforts rewarded

The Parc Marie-Victorin is a land fertile in projects. Its actions earned it the Normand-Maurice prize for sustainable development. This distinction highlights the environmental actions and innovative practices implemented.

Above the environmental sphere, le Parc also bets on the social and economic aspects. This combination is an exceptional showcase in the heart of the cradle of sustainable development!